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Bringing a powerhouse show to any venue, Dirty Pop is made up of experienced performers from a wide variety of musical backgrounds. Together, they create a super group with unlimited energy and entertainment. The instrumentalists bring a vast array of polished sound and rhythmic beats, while the singers soar over top of the mix. The band is a colorful blend of music and personality, covering multiple eras of dance artists and top hits. The tunes they perform never fail to attract all the honeys and give every crowd those ear-gasms they came for. The band’s explosive performance is fully equipped with an impactful light show, set design, fly moves and one heck of a good time.

The band has had the privilege of opening for artists such as Flo Rida, Here Come the Mummies, Boy Band Review, Too Hype Crew (formally Too White Crew), and Hairbangers Ball. Alongside these performances, Dirty Pop has provided entertainment at Summerfest, Q Casino, and the Chicago Cub's after party. 

Dirty Pop’s aim is to get everyone’s hips poppin’ and heads noddin’ to each one of their beats. By implementing digital technology during their performance, Dirty Pop goes beyond the motions of simply bringing the show, they make their audience a part of it. Surrounding each individual with lighting of epic proportion, a huge sound and on-stage TV’s, the band encourages everyone to do all the right things in all the wrong ways. All they need is a stage and a crowd that hey-hey, won’t stop the partayy! 

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